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Revolutionize the Way You Think About Sex, Purity, and Romance
by Eric Ludy and Leslie Ludy

This is a book unlike any other. Its premise is “finding great sex,” but this is not your typical Christian sex book. In a creative story-driven conversation, the Ludys challenge readers to investigate God’s ancient blueprint for lasting romance and (ahem) incredible sex. And don’t worry, the content is not graphic or inappropriate.

Eric and Leslie investigate the characters (and characteristics) that amass the core of Great Sex. Using an allegorical fiction-esque style, the book provides a light yet enticing storyline that keeps easily distracted minds interested throughout. It also includes four appendix "tests" that quiz readers on their own values regarding sex, love, and romance.

In Meet Mr. Smith, the Ludys tackle problematical questions for today's younger generation, like:

Is lust really a big deal to God? Isn't it just normal?
Why would God give me a sex drive if He didn't want me to use it?
Is homosexuality really wrong?
Whether you are single or married, this book provides the missing ingredients to create truly fulfilling love, sex and romance.

We can’t say much more about it without giving away the secret of this book, but here are some comments about Meet Mr. Smith from a generation tired of the typical Christian relationship book:

Meet Mr. Smith is…
Ingenious! (Becki, 28)
Absolutely phenomenal (Ryan, 27)
Awe-inspiring (Rachel, 21)
A masterfully woven story (Melody, 31)
Fabulously creative (Corey, 29)
A treasure trove (Bethany, 22)
Enchanting (Lindsay, 27)
Deeply touching (Amy, 28)
Everything I want (Levi, 23)
Compelling (Jessica, 20)
A taste of Heaven on earth (Kendra, 22)
Utterly remarkable (Ben, 20)
An incredible twist (Sarah, 22)
Magnificent and more beautiful than a fairy tale (Courtney, 20)
Fresh and Funny (Tim, 22)

Pages: 240
Release Date: 2007 (Thomas Nelson)