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by Leslie Ludy

The NEW Summer Issue of Set Apart Girl Magazine is coming on the late-summer wind! Reserve a copy for yourself or a friend today. Limited quantities available.

Designed with stunning quality and overflowing with timeless biblical truth, this magazine is unlike any other resource for Christian women. Filled with powerful articles by Leslie Ludy and her team of set apart writers, this magazine will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights for key areas such as prayer, devotion, relationships, family, lifestyle, decision-making, and purpose. Rich with Scripture and life-changing spiritual depth, the Set Apart Girl Magazine makes a perfect addition to your daily quiet times, a wonderful tool for small groups, or a meaningful gift for women of any age.

In this issue, Leslie and the Set Apart Team encourage women of all ages with biblical and practical ways to build a Christ-centered lifestyle!

Articles Include:
Sacred Identity, Part I — Embracing Your Calling & Purpose as a Woman
Sacred Identity, Part II — A Biblical Response to the Modern Feminist Movement
Treasured Dependency — With Love Column
The Art of Living — Embracing the Gift of Life With a Heavenward Heart 
Above and Beyond — Beholding God's Glory in Everyday Life
Reflections on the Purity Movement — How to Break Through the Confusion Surrounding Christian Relationships
Creative Evangelism — Communicating the Childlike Wonder of the Gospel to Your Kids
For Love's Sake — Pouring Out No Matter the Personal Cost
Divine Casting — Discovering the Central Character of Scripture 

Plus more bonus content like recommended resources, Q&A, and more!

Are you a wholesaler or looking to purchase copies in bulk? Email us here to submit a request. 

 DETAILS // approximately 100 pages, coated cover, perfect bound, ad free.